Let Love Blossom Engagement Giveaway

Let Love Blossom Engagement Session Give-A-Way

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We are so excited to announce the winning couple of our first styled engagement session give-a-way. Thank you to all our couples who entered. Please be sure to check your emails for a special surprise from the Let Love Blossom Team!

Congrats to Our Winning Couple: Christie and Eddie

How did you two meet?

When my father moved here from Puerto Rico before bringing my mother, siblings and I, he met my fiancés dad in church. I was 9 years old when I moved here and his family and ours instantly became close. His father helped mine get started and he even gave my dad a car. They went on missionary trips together along with everything else. Years passed and he was just one of my friends little brother. He liked me ever since he met me, and waited until we were 17 to finally begin a different type of relationship. Of course for those 9 years I was totally clueless. I guess it just wasn't our time yet. So at age 17 we began talking as more than friends, and now we are engaged.

How did he proposed?

My family had a trip to Tennessee planned for February, in which we rented a cabin. Our plan was to to skiing, snowboarding and spelunking. It was a total of 12 of us, so for the spelunking adventure (which is just a very strange word for cave exploring). Anyways, from the 12 of us only my niece, my now fiancé and I were going. When we get there, I was a little nervous since I wasn't too fond of the idea of being in small spaces but I like a challenge so I sucked it up. The whole thing was actually pretty amazing, there were incredibly hard and small spaces to go through one from which I now have a small scar, and then there were the big beautiful open spaces with water streaming down. So at then end the guide tells us to turn off our flashlights from the helmet so that we could experience true darkness. We do as he says and get in a line and hold hands. I was holding on for dear life to both Eddie and my niece, whom I noticed trying to get me to let go for some reason! When suddenly I hear a guitar and his sister singing "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri! I instantly knew. Tiki torches started lining up and I see my family, and also my 2 best friends, his best friend and his parents whom all drove the night before. I lost it, literally I was sobbing! Everyone was wearing shirts that said "she said yes". When the song finished he began his beautiful speech. It was amazing, more than I could have ever imagined. He rented a separate cabin for the extra surprises 3 doors down to ours. When we got back to the cabin they had an engagement party.

*Please note that the winning couple will have 48 hours, until 4:30 pm on April 7th, 2017, to respond to the email sent by the Let Love Blossom Team to claim there session.


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