Halloween Voodoo Wedding Inspiration Shoot

This Halloween voodoo wedding inspiration shoot came just in time for our favorite day of the year to have some scary fun! A unique mix of New Orleans creepy and wedding elegance delivers a style that's truly captivating and different. We absolutely love the makeup our model bride and groom are wearing. His feathered tux conjures images of ravens and crows, and her beaded gown and statement necklace is beautiful while still blending with the day's theme. Brightly colored florals provide a great contrast to the blacks and whites of the rest of the decor. Creative bottle labels are a fun touch to the eerie apothecary set, and skulls abound on every surface. They're even on the reception table place card holders! Even the cake gets in on the dark magic action with all sorts of painted-on symbols. As crazy as the rest of this shoot is, the last photo is what will really make your jaw drop. Our brave models got cozy with a giant albino python and a monitor lizard! 

wedding menu and invitation for Halloween voodoo wedding inspiration shoot
bride holding bouquet looking out window
bride wearing beading wedding gown looking out window
couple in front of bookcase
potion bottles for Halloween Voodoo wedding inspiration shoot
skeleton bride and groom on bookshelf
bride and groom dancing
bride holding deep purple and red bridal bouquet
bride wearing black dress next to reception table
tall red and purple reception center piece
black and white wedding cake with red florals

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