Orlando Wedding Videographer: Ty Albers Videography

With a passion for video production since he was a kid, Tyler Albers of Ty Albers Videography truly loves the love, emotion, and magic that comes with create beautiful cinematic films for couples on their wedding day. We asked him to give us a little insight to his Orlando wedding videography business. 

What inspired you to get into videography?  

Ever since I was a child, I loved to make movies, whether that was some crazy Matrix themed movie or even Lego stop motion movies. I've always had a passion for film and storytelling, growing up with an appreciation for Alfred Hitchcock films, such as North by Northwest, Rear Window, Psycho, Vertigo, such great techniques and storytelling. With my most recent favorite, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by Peter Jackson. So I went to school at UCF for Film and ended up graduating with a Business degree with the mindset of starting my own company and choosing the work I'd like to be a part of. I love stories, how they move you and inspire you, and I want to be able to provide that same feeling for couples on their wedding day. To share their story.

What do you love most about filming weddings?

I love the excitement and the emotion of weddings. Whether new, young or old love, there is always a sense of magic in weddings. To be able to be a part of a couple's beginning of their lives journey together, to capture that with all the raw emotions of the day, and then piece it carefully together to portray their truest selves.

What would you say your style is?

My style is very classic and timeless, yet full of emotion, cinematic and anticipation. You might not see some of the latest editing trends in my films, but in 10, 20+ years, it will not have aged out.

I offer 3 packages plus an a la carte menu, with the ability to customize any package or even create your own if you choose. 

We travel anywhere, we love destination weddings!

I try to advise couples on making sure they have ample time for their portrait session, to do some fun creative shots with them. I also advise them on having all wedding day locations to be as close as possible, to make it easy for my team to capture everything efficiently. I also tell them to just have fun and enjoy the day, to not worry about if something is being captured or not, because we will always be there whether you'll see us or not :)