Beautiful Wedding at Formosa Gardens

Keimy and Pamela's venue, Island Grove Wine Company at Formosa Gardens, is gorgeous on its own, but add in two beautiful brides and decor that reflects a modern botanical theme, it is downright dreamy! The couple wanted their wedding to feel outdoorsy and whimsical but elegant at the same time. To achieve this look they used tons of greenery and white flowers along with pops of gold. 

One of the most memorable moments from their wedding day for the brides was when Pamela's parents surprised her with their attendance. Prior to the wedding, Pamela's parents let her know that they would not be attending. As the wedding day started to become closer her parents had second thoughts about their RSVP status. They contacted Keimy and from there planned to surprise Pamela and walk her down the aisle. Right as she was ready to walk down the aisle her mom tapped her on her shoulder from behind. Tears were definitely shed during this beautiful moment. Love truly did overcome all on their wedding day! 

Is there anything that you wish you would have done differently or had that you didn't for your wedding?    

We wish we would have hired 2 bartenders! Our guests were really big drinkers!

What advice would you give other couples about the wedding planning process? *    

Hire a wedding coordinator for month of/day of. It made our last month before the wedding so stress free!